Monday, September 19, 2011

Comments in Programming Language

A comment is a piece of descriptive text which explains some aspect of a program. Program comments are totally ignored by the compiler and are only intended for human readers.

C++ provides two types of comment delimiters:

· Anything after // (until the end of the line on which it appears) is considered a comment.
· Anything enclosed by the pair /* and */ is considered a comment.

Comments should be used to enhance (not to hinder) the readability of a program.

The following two points, in particular, should be noted:

· A comment should be easier to read and understand than the code which it tries to explain. A confusing or unnecessarily-complex comment is worse han
no comment at all.
· Over-use of comments can lead to even less readability. A program which contains so much comment that you can hardly see the code can by no means be considered readable.
· Use of descriptive names for variables and other entities in a program, and proper indentation of the code can reduce the need for using comments. The best guideline for how to use comments is to simply apply common sense.

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